Automatic Accounting Data Sync for Managed IT Service Providers

Metajibe automatically sends your ConnectWise accounting data to Xero in real-time. We will be incorporating additional integrations following our beta. This allows you to take care of your current clients and grow your business rather than dealing with your billing and invoicing headaches. 

What data does Metajibe sync?

Metajibe securely sends your your contacts, companies, time, expenses, and products to Xero to ensure synchronization. The system applies the proper ConnectWise sales tax to each item so that your invoices are 100% accurate.

Contact Information

Company Information

Financial Data

Jeff Babb
MSP Operator
"Metajibe is great. I used to have to manually transcribe data between ConnectWise and Xero to get billing done because I don't have enough contacts to justify a big expense like Wise-Sync or ConnectBooster. This was very time consuming, error prone, and took a long time to complete billing for the month, which delayed receiving payments from customers. Metajibe transparently and instantaneously moves my companies, contacts, and invoices into Xero from ConnectWise without having to tell it to do a thing!"
We feel your pain. Our software was originally developed by a frustrated MSP owner that was tired of having to manually transcribe all of his invoices from ConnectWise into Xero at the end of every month. After a few conversations, it became clear that we needed to share his time-saving sync software with other busy MSP operators. And that's how Metajibe was born.
Angry AccountantHappy Accountant
Metajibe securely, automatically, and instantaneously sends all of the accounting-relevant ConnectWise data to Xero. It's as simple as that, once you've gone through our simple self on-boarding process, all of your accounting data woes will be over. Okay, maybe not all of your woes will be gone. But, your accounting software will reflect exactly what's in ConnectWise.
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